day 2 zero point/very low fat food challenge and zero point cake!

Before I begin with today’s items that I have, and or will be eating, I want to clarify something. Be sure and read yesterday’s, post with the rules, especially if you are joining in. I would love to know if you are trying it, and your results. You will also see what I ate yesterday. This post may contain affiliate links. Let find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works! This challenge is for 2 weeks.

For clarification, because I did not outright state it, all vegetables and fruits, are zero points unless they are packed in oil, sugar, or have added sugar. Any packaged food that has less than 6 grams or less of total sugar per serving, and 3 grams of fat or less per serving, is a zero food for my challenge. I think that makes it more clear when you start to read what I eat in a day. Since yesterday I have lost 6 ounces. I weigh myself every day. For some people this may not be a good idea, but ever since being diagnosed with CKD, I monitor my weight for water retention. I did add two foods to what I ate yesterday. It added only one more gram of fat and no sugars, so still zero points. I had 16 nibbler pretzels as a snack, and a 1/2 cup of creamed corn over top of my dinner chicken.

Day 2 What I have eaten and will eat. Remember I do not count drinks.

Breakfast: I actually was not hungry and had a lot to do before it got too hot. So, coffee, and a bottle of water was breakfast.

Lunch: I made my meatless taco salad. You guys this really is so good and I hope you try it. It is completely zero points. I cook 1/2 cup of drained and rinsed black beans with about a tbsp of any taco seasoning that meets the requirements. I then chop up some romaine lettuce, any lettuce is fine, in a bowl, add about 6 cherry tomatoes halved, some chopped Vidalia onion, 2 tbsp of any salsa that meets the requirements, and 1 tbsp of Daisy sour cream. I do not buy the low fat. One tbsp meets my requirements. I thought I had pics of my taco salad, but apparently I do not. You can find the sour cream info online. 1 tbsp is 2.5 grams of fat. I do not add any cheese at all. The lettuce is the crunch. This lunch is only 204 calories and very filling, and affordable!

Dinner tonight will be 3 oz of pan fried boneless skinless chicken breast, with green beans. For this challenge there are no oils that meet the requirements, so I cook only in vegetable broth. I also will be making the mac n cheese shown below. To meet my zero point requirements it will be made with skim milk, and 1 tbsp of whipped butter. A serving is a 1/3 of the box prepared. Whipped butter has much less fat than regular butter, see images. I do not like margarine so I just make it fit the requirements, lol

Snack: Zero Point Cake. The cake shown below, even prepared, has only 1 gram of fat. How? Eggs are zero points, and we used two, and instead of the oil I used zero added sugar applesauce. For the frosting I made the white chocolate sugar free pudding. This was really good! Yes, I already had my snack, lol. Be sure you only eat one serving. According the box if you cut the cake in 10 pieces one out of the ten is a serving size.

If I am still hungry after dinner I can have pretzels, or banana and strawberries. Tomorrow and Friday are work days for me and I have no leftovers, so I will have to think of dinner meals for work.

Nutrition info for day 2: It does look like I will need a little more protein. I will have to think about that. I might add an egg at dinner. Always remember I am not a Dietitian. My stats may not be perfect, they are estimates. I use my food tracking app, and details on the packages or online to figure out my stats.

Calories: 617 Probably a smidge higher because I don’t know how the app figured up for the cake.

Total Fat: 8 grams this is probably a smidge more because I didn’t figure out each piece of cake using two eggs.

Saturated Fat: 3 grams. I rounded up

Cholesterol 76 mg again probably a smidge higher due to the eggs in the cake mix

Sodium: 1841 mg If I have pretzels later it will be a bit higher

Total Carbs: 106 grans again if I have pretzels it will be higher

Net Carbs: 93 grams


If you would like more info about this challenge, or have questions, please use the contact form at the end of the post to message me. Be sure to watch for my updated Wellness Plans coming soon!

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