Day 1 zero point/Very low fat food challenge!

Hello, and welcome back! Today is the first day of my June Health Challenge. The challenge is a zero point/very low fat food challenge. Below I will lay out the rules, and how I will share each day of my eating. This challenge is based off of the WW Zero Point Food list. I am not on WW, and the list is adapted to how I choose to run my challenge. You may see affiliate links in this post.

So, I found these WW zero point food challenges quite by accident on Youtube. I watched a few videos and was intrigued. So, of course I started to research the list, and how people are implementing it. First let me start by saying WW does not promote you eating just Zero Point Foods. Why? Because, it means you are consuming basically no fat and we do actually need fat, believe it or not. The list is meant to help you keep within your points balance of the plan you choose.

For this challenge the rules will be as follows.

  1. I need fat, and so do you. I take Vitamin D every day for my kidneys and it will not absorb properly without fat. That goes for Vitamins A, E, and K as well. So we all need fat. So, after researching some of the zero point foods on the list, such as peanut butter, and eggs for my challenge a zero point food will be considered as any food item that has 3.5 grams of fat, or less per serving. Plus, I live very rural and trust me finding low fat cheese here was not an easy task, except for mozzarella. Zero fat foods taste disgusting and I don’t know why anyone would eat them. Daily goal of 20 grams of fat or less per day, but no more than 30 grams per day. I also follow a low protein diet that maintains my kidneys in good health. I will not be increasing my protein intake for this challenge.
  2. Food items with 6 grams of sugars per serving, or that have no added sugar will be considered a zero point food.
  3. Grains do not have to be whole grains to be zero point foods on my challenge. Why? Whole grains have more phosphorus and I generally avoid them. Since how smart points are tallied has nothing to do with how much fiber is in a food it seems pointless to me anyway.

What am I trying to achieve by doing this challenge?

  1. Fat loss would be the most obvious. While weight loss is great, and I hope will occur, fat loss is my ultimate goal.
  2. Even though my Cholesterol has gone back to normal, as have my Triglycerides, my HDL and LDL are still lopsided.
  3. This diet will be very low sodium which will only benefit my kidneys and BP.
  4. It’s a challenge but I hope after the two weeks that I will have formed habits I wish to keep.

Each day, or the day after, I will share what I ate each day of the challenge. I use a food tracker that tells me my macro and micro nutrients each day. I will share them. I hope to do some videos, but I couldn’t pull it off today. Some days, like when I work, I will share what I eat before work, and what I plan to eat that night at work. If I cheat I will be honest and say so. At the end of the challenge I will say if I lost weight, gained weight, and if I lost any body fat and how I calculate it. I will share any other stats I think of like if my BP improves significantly, etc. I do not count drinks. I don’t do that when I count carbs and I won’t do it now either. If you see my hurricane post from last week on drinks, you will see why. I did purchase fat free creamer for my morning coffee. I will use a lot of the same condiments. I will not post a new picture every day of already used condiments. I will just refer to previous posts.

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Today is day one and I have already had my breakfast and lunch. I will still post dinner. I may have a snack later, but it will be pretzels that have no fat.

Breakfast: One small banana

Lunch: 3 oz of extra lean pork tenderloin, romaine lettuce, vidalia onion, 1/2 orange pepper, grape tomatoes and Kraft Raspberry Vinaigrette 2 tbsp which has only 1 gram of fat per that serving size.

Snack: 4 large strawberries, sprinkle of cinnamon sugar which has zero grams of sugar and fat, and 1 tbsp of Cool Whip which has 1 gram of fat in a tbsp.

Dinner will be: 56 grams of Barilla penne pasta, with 1 tbsp of light Hellman’s mayonnaise, see pics below for nutrition. I will add onion, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes and make it a macaroni salad. I will sprinkle on some Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning mix as it adds nice flavor and only a little sodium. I will also have 3 ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast.

Nutrition Stats for the day: Remember I don’t count drinks. I also take a half of a multivitamin every other day.

Calories: 689

Total Fat: 12 grams

Saturated Fat: 3 grams

Cholesterol: 110 mg

Sodium: 622 mg

Total Carbs: 102 grams

Fiber: 15 grams

Protein: 48 grams

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