day 5: elderly, pets, and emergency numbers

Today, is the last day of Hurricane Preparedness Week, here on Health Buddy Melissa. Tomorrow will start my Zero Points Food Challenge that will run for two weeks. It is the June Health Challenge. Be sure and come back tomorrow to read the particulars, and maybe even join in the fun! You can also check out my post from Saturday where I discussed the trial run of the challenge.

Below you will find two videos on Hurricane Prep for the elderly and pets. The elderly are very vulnerable in a storm, especially since they may not want to leave their home, and may not be adequately prepared. You can not make people be prepared, but hopefully with encouragement they will. Pets are vulnerable for obvious reasons. We have domesticated them, and they are helpless. In the video she has bought booties for her dog. I don’t think that would be a priority for me, but I definitely would have some kind of first aid cream and maybe Vaseline for their paws if needed. My dog went nuts when she squeaked the toy, lol.

This website has a ton of information about numbers, websites, and even apps that you will want to have on handy during Hurricane Season. I will definitely be looking at these apps, and keeping the numbers. The first part of the article is local info for that county, so scroll down to get all of the other goodies.


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