Day 4: How to put your kit together and trial of my zero points food challenge!

Hello, Friday! Today, is a dual post because I want to continue updating and targeting old coaching plans. What do you think of my new logo, and color palette? I have to work this weekend, so I am trying to get a lot done in one day. You may see affiliate links in this post. Be sure to read my other posts on Hurricane Preparedness.

Today, is day 4 of Hurricane Prep Week. I thought I would share a video on how to put your Hurricane Kit together. Having everything in one location, especially if you are new to hurricanes, just makes life easier. A couple of things about the video. As she states preparing for any disaster is important, not just hurricanes, and these kits can be for any disaster. She mentioned the hand crank radio with the solar charger. These chargers according to ones I have looked at take a long time to charge and may damage your cell phone. Be sure to read the specifics and pick one that is safer. Also, hand crank radios really take a lot of cranking to work. I do not find them efficient at all. We do have walkie talkies that we have not used in years, but we have them if we need them. Having a police scanner, imo, is way more effective than a crank radio. Also, the water purification tablets. I did not mention these, but if you are evacuating you probably will not need these, but they can come in handy for rain water collection, or if you absolutely had to drink from other water sources. You can always boil water for 10 minutes to sanitize it, which is not always convenient. She also mentions being trained in First Aide. I also have mentioned this in other posts, and I can not say how important it is for everyone to be trained in First Aide. The video is below.

Tomorrow I am starting a trial run of my Zero Points Food Challenge. I will share at least one meal, or snack tomorrow and Sunday. Come back on Tuesday to read all about the challenge and why and how I will be doing it. If you would like any information on any of my Wellness Plans, be sure and use the contact form at the end of the post to email me.


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