day 2: Let’s Talk about drinks baby!

Welcome back to Hurricane Preparedness Week! This is day 2 and I want to talk about drinks, especially if you have CKD. But, these options are great for any family who wants a sort of healthier drink option. I did a post last year on this topic, and I am adding to it this year. There may be affiliate links in this post.

Today, my daughter and I went to grocery shop and since it is Hurricane Preparedness Week here in Florida, and certain items are tax exempt, the stores were pretty crowded. The only thing we actually bought that was exempt was batteries. You can see the full list here. This week I used my new Flipp app, and my Basket app to see where the best deals were on the groceries I needed. I don’t generally like to shop at multiple stores but people swear it will save me money. So, today I did it, and actually I saved enough money this week to purchase a PUR water filter container for in the fridge. We bought a new fridge without the water filter built in and have been using bottle watered. With CKD I have to be sure to not be drinking too many impurities and we have hard water. This was the most affordable option and we don’t have to use all those water bottles now. We do still stock up on water during Hurricane Season, we just don’t need as much now and we donate what we don’t use at the end of the season.

Drinks are something that can not only suck up your daily allotment of fluids, if you are on dialysis, but also added phosphorus and sodium. Sometimes even Potassium if you don’t read labels well. Below you will see a picture with all of the drink options I basically use. You don’t see the Stur in the image, from last years post, but I do still have some of those left as well. My daughter likes them too so I saved some for her for this year. I will mention each of them. I do drink coffee once a day, and sometimes tea.

Premier Protein Shakes- I started out by trying the Blueberry Oats shake. I liked it so then I tried Cinnamon Rill, and Caramel. The Cinnamon Roll is my favorite and I can hardly ever find it where I live. I might have to order it on Amazon, lol. I technically only use these as a coffee creamer alternative. It is healthier and I use only 2 tbsp which is an oz. The Equate brand is exactly the same as the Premier Protein, or at least I don’t notice a difference except for the price. I bought the big package this time, because one it is more cost effective, and it is also shelf stable until you open it. With 20-30 grams of protein per container, it could be a meal replacement for me. Be sure to read the label as it does contain 50% of your daily Phosphorus, and that can build up if you aren’t careful. These are perfect for me for Hurricane Season, and my family too if they want them.

V8 +Energy: I decided to try these some time ago. While I would not drink the whole can in a sitting, it does have quite a bit of caffeine, I add about an oz to my water to add a little flavor. The whole can only has 50 calories and 12 grams of carbs. The ingredients are pretty good too.

Blue Raspberry Drink Enhancer: When I tell you that you only need a very tiny squirt to get a ton of flavor, I am not kidding. These are easy to transport and come in tons of flavors. I also crush up ice and add this to the ice for a sneaky snow cone trick.

Welchs and or Juicy Juice: If I want a little taste of fruitiness in my water, I add an oz of one of these juices. These are the only 2 that I buy anymore. I like Ocean Spray too, but I can’t find the flavor I want so I stopped buying it. These are 100% juice, and low sodium. They both also have no added sugar.

That’s it! Those are my drink options. You do not see soda, as I hardly ever drink soda, and if I do it will be a Sprite or Diet Sprite. No dark colas! If we had to evacuate we would just get water wherever we end up. If we stay through a tropical system we will have bottled water and everyone will have a cold refreshing drink that is not too unhealthy. My daughter does like the powdered sweet tea and I always have some on hand for her. But, she also drinks water, and can use any of the options shown as well.

To stock up simply buy an extra one each week, or bi-weekly when you shop. Then be sure not to drink them.

We also keep coffee filters on hand just in case we lose power and I need to make some coffee an old fashioned way. I really do like my coffee in the morning.

What drinks would you, or do you stock up on for disaster preparedness? Let me know in the comments.


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