FDA halts J+j covid vaccine: What you should know

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, on my way to volunteer I heard over the radio that the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine was being halted due to a possible rare side effect. This particular vaccine is the one shot vaccine. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the two shots, have not had this particular side effect. Read about my experience with the Moderna vaccine. Apparently there were 6 cases of a stroke like illness all in women under age 50 after receiving the Johnson and Johnson one shot Covid vaccine. There have been over 6 million doses given. So, you may be wondering why it was halted.

Since the reaction appears to be in a very specific set of people, women under 50, the FDA will review the cases to see if this particular group should be advised not to get that vaccine, and instead receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. They also will investigate if there needs to be more education to Health Care workers of symptoms to watch for, or questions to ask before giving the vaccine. In my mind this should already be occurring, but maybe it isn’t. When I got the Moderna vaccine the real issue was allergies. Because I am prone to allergies and reactions I had to have extra monitoring time after getting the shot. Because all of the women who had this rare reaction to any other indicators of risk for a blood clot. Why those questions? If you smoke and take birth control it increases your chances of having a stroke exponentially. Just one of those risks will also increase your risk.

What are the ingredients in the J and J vaccine? Click here to read.

Does this mean you should refuse getting a vaccine? I would say no. Educate yourself on whatever vaccine is offered to you and then make an informed decision. You may choose to get one vaccine over another or speak to your doctor first to see if you have any increased risk factors, and may need closer monitoring post vaccine. Most experts agree the best way to get out of this Pandemic and return to normal is via vaccine.


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