stress And common stressors!

Welcome to Thursday! My car was in the garage today, and my husband was out of the house. This gave me the opportunity to get some extra cleaning done that doesn’t get done when I have to be quiet while he is working. My daughter and I accomplished a lot in just a couple of hours. We have more to do though. Then I got online to do this post and my internet was so slow I could not do anything. Now it is 245 and I am finally sitting down to compose this post. I will be having a guest post in the near future. He is working on it now. Be sure to watch for that. I think you will like it.

You know I always say, you can’t change something if you can’t even define it. So, lets define Stress. Stress is a feeling of tension. The tension can be either physical or emotional feelings. Examples of physical stress are headache, stomach ache, muscle pain, tightness of the neck and shoulders, teeth clenching, sweating, nausea, etc. Examples of emotional stress can be Depression, sadness, crying, anger, outbursts, yelling, aggression, etc.

Stress can be either acute or chronic. Acute stress is a short lived stress such as when you experience fear, danger, or pain. Chronic stress is a long term stress and is the more dangerous of the two as it can play a large part in illnesses and disease. Anxiety is a from of stress that is a persistent stress even when a stressor is no longer there. It is a complicated condition. You may experience nervousness, for example with Anxiety.

Stress can be both good and not so good. If you need to run away from a bear then the stress and the reactions it causes can save your life. Some people thrive on stress and it is a driver of goals for them. Some people actually like the high, or euphoria they sense with stress. The not so good stress is the stress that keeps you from doing things you enjoy or things you may want to do or even need to do.

Stressors are things that cause the stress response. You probably already know some of the most common stressors. Finances, relationships, work related, never have enough time in a day, and commitments. Some more uncommon stressors that maybe you aren’t aware of can be pain, illness, aging parents, deaths, injuries, being a victim of a crime, retirement, anger, expectations, assumptions, and perceptions. You may not even realize you are stressed out or that these things are possible stressors to you.

For the whole month of April I will be talking about Stress and how it affects the body, mind, and spirit. Ways to handle, manage, cope, and alter Stress will also be topics of discussion. There have been tons of studies on stress and how it affects the body. There have also been tons of studies to learn about the best ways to deal with Stress.

Are you Stressed Out? Check out my video below of how a Health Coach can help you with Stress. You can get a free 30 minute coaching session on any topic of Stress. Click here to read how.


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