are you stressed out?

Everyone experiences Stress, some good, some bad. How people respond to Stress is what makes us different. Stress can drive some people, and drag others down. There is no right or wrong Stress, or way of dealing with it. The trick is to learn to make Stress work for you, not against you. Stress is also different for different age groups. Since I tag myself as the Middle Aged Health Coach, my topics of discussion will center around this age group.

April is Stress Awareness Month here at Health Buddy Melissa. In the coming weeks I will discuss a lot about Stress. What it is, how it effects the body, and how to better manage it and even use it as a tool.

My coach freebie for the month of April is I am giving away 10 coaching sessions for 10 different people. How do you get these free sessions? See below.

How to claim a 30 minute coaching session for free:

  1. Your session has to be related to Stress.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age, read, speak and write English.
  3. You must have a valid email address
  4. You must use the contact form at the end of this post to message me with the subject as Stressed Out.
  5. Allow me 24 hours to receive your initial email and respond. Once I have your request I will send you an intake form that you fill out and return to me via email. You may have to print it and scan it to return it.
  6. I will review your intake form and make an appointment with you to review it with you. This can be done via email, Facebook messenger, Zoom, or Google Chats. After the meet and greet we can decide if you want to proceed with the free coaching session. I will provide you with dates and times available to do the session. It is your responsibility to show up for your session. My business email for all client conversations and information is a paid gmail secure email.
  7. I do sign participants up for my Mailchimp newsletter.
  8. After your 30 minute session you can always choose to continue to work with me as your paid Health Coach.
  9. It is as easy as that.

Please follow the directions laid out above to receive your free coaching session.

Check out my short video to see how a Health Coach can assist you with Stress. These videos take a long time to make and I am still new to it. I really can’t do long live videos because I don’t have the correct equipment to do so. Maybe in the future.


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