What is carb cycling?

There are so many diets in the public arena, that I thought I would go over them. It used to be you just exercised and cut calories to lose weight. Now there are so many different types of eating styles that it can be really confusing.

Carb Cycling is exactly what it sounds like, you eat your carbs in a cycle. Why? For one thing dieting is hard, if you didn’t already know, so for some people taking a break per say, allows them to eat more carb calories on certain days. Athletes also use Carb Cycling with higher carbs on training days and lower carbs on rest days. Pretty easy, right? Well it can be if you already have a general idea of which foods have how many carbs in them. For a beginner it can be very time consuming especially with the planning of meals and the cycle of eating. Low carb would be 50 grams of carbs or less, moderate carbs about 100 grams of carbs and high carb days above 100 with some going as high as 350 grams of carbs that day. This type of eating may also help reset your metabolism when you have hit a weight loss plateau. Unfortunately, there are no randomized controlled studies saying how effecting this type of diet is, but you can admit it makes sense. This is sort of what I have taken up doing as I have hit a plateau. I never go less than 60 grams of carbs in a day, as I don’t want to be in Ketosis. On the days I work at my nursing job, is a moderate to high carb day for me, because I am literally walking the whole shift. I do lower carb days when I either have a rest day, or low intensity workout days. With some basic food knowledge and good planning I think Carb Cycling can be a good approach to losing weight, or losing fat if that is your goal.

As always if you have any questions about certain diets, or eating habits, discuss them with your doctor. You can read more about Carb Cycling here, and there is a short video on the topic below.


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