it’s a new day. Are you ready to tackle your health goals?

Updated 8/5/2021

As I mentioned in previous posts I am revamping my coaching plans. I do this yearly to consolidate the plans and make them more targeted. As I continue to learn and grow they become better. I am also editing older posts to add my Mailchimp newsletter option and update any necessary info. This all takes a lot of time and new posts may be only weekly for a bit. I am looking at other options as well, such as creating some videos, especially for cooking with CKD. I think a lot of people just don’t know how to cook, or don’t think they have time to cook. I would say cooking and preparing your own meals is the #1 way to prevent and or get chronic diseases under control. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss out on any posts. I am also working on different freebies for newsletter subscribers and special offers. I have tons of handmade items from my closed Etsy shop, just too time consuming when trying to get this going, and I may do some monthly contests for subscribers.

What does the It’s A New Day Plan look like? It’s a new day, and it’s time to meet your Health Goals, via tackling your goals head on and creating new healthier habits.

1- You can purchase the plan using the Paypal button below. You must live in the USA, at this time to be a client of Health Buddy Melissa. I need to read the laws of other countries before I can take that task on. You must be 18 years of age, or older. Please note my Paypal is old, and verified. I have had it for like 20 years. It is in my husband’s name, but it is completely mine. Once I receive notification of payment, within 48 hours I will send you a welcome email with an intake assessment for you to complete. All of my business emails are through Google Suite and are secure. If you use the contact form or leave a comment that goes to my Yahoo email. In your welcome email you will receive dates and times that I am available to review your intake assessment. You will need to choose one and put it in the return email with the intake assessment form. After I receive that we will meet via email, text, or via a phone call for us to review of your intake assessment. I don’t do video chats at first. You will need to decide the format. You will need to be on time for the assessment review. I will wait no longer than 15 minutes. The assessment review is completely free. You will have 48 hours after that to decide if you want to work with me to reach your health goals. If you decide yes we will proceed to the next step, if you decide no, your money will be refunded to you. All new one on one coaching customers must begin with the It’s A New Day plan. Your 30 days begins at the time of your first coaching session.

2- After the meet and greet, if you decide to work with me I will then send you a calendar of available dates and times for you to choose your coaching sessions. You will also receive privacy forms and a user agreement that will need to be signed and returned prior to the first session. Be sure to read the user agreement, which is your contract to do business with Health Buddy Melissa, carefully. It will contain all of the fine details.

3- You can choose between 1 session a week, 2 sessions a week, or 3 sessions a week. The prices for each will be outlined below. The sessions are done via email, phone chat, text or Instant Messenger. You will need to decide your platform. The very first session is where you will decide what goal you want to start with. Some examples could be better eating habits, better sleep, exercise, weight management, stress relief, pain relief, quit smoking, learning to cook, menu planning, time management, better food choices for your chronic illness, blood pressure, cholesterol, gut health etc. I will send one reminder before each session for your upcoming session. It is your responsibility to show up and be prepared for your session. Each session is 30 minutes long. It is your responsibility to respect this time frame. I can be flexible with dates and times because I also work out of the home 3 days a week. I understand not everyone can do a Monday to Friday 9-5 coaching schedule.

4- At the end of the 30 days, whether you have showed up for all of your sessions or not, the plan will end. You will be given the option to renew for another month, or terminate services. If you join my mailing list, below, I frequently offer savings on my coaching services. My target audience is middle aged women and men. If you would like to ask questions prior to purchasing a package, please use the contact form under the image. The questions will go to my Yahoo email.


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