throwback thursday 1953: the tv dinner

Happy Thursday! I have been reading and watching a lot of videos about vintage recipes and how our world of processed foods began. Did you, or maybe you still do, eat TV dinners? I was born in 1969 and yes I remember TV dinners. We didn’t have a microwave at first, so we had to wait the 30 minutes for them to cook in the oven. My mother was a single mother who worked 2 jobs, and that was one of the main lures of TV dinners.

But, the TV dinner first came about because in 1953 Swanson had a huge excess of turkeys that were not purchased that Thanksgiving. One of their food scientists came up with the idea of a TV dinner. They were not originally called that because most people didn’t own a TV. But, as the TV grew in popularity the name TV Dinner was born. Lots of women started to work outside the home and angry husbands were writing the company complaining that they were no longer getting home-cooked meals. I found that kind of humorous, lol. It obviously did not deter the concept of the TV dinner from exploding. They were cheap and convenient. I think the original was like 69 cents for a whole meal. Some people, mostly women, liked them also for weight loss because the trays were sectioned and portion control was apparently a thing back then. I can not say they were healthy though. They were loaded with salt and fat much like they are today. They might actually be worse today if that is possible. I didn’t upload a picture because I don’t have a TV dinner and I didn’t want to have copyright issues. But, I did find a link for you to read, or you can watch the video below. I found on Etsy where someone was selling an original Swanson TV Dinner box, there was no food, for 350 dollars! Wow!

There are more modern TV dinners. I found this startup called Ipsa. They are just starting out and many of their products are sold out. Their pictures are beautiful and the food looks delicious. The price is kind of high, 25 dollars for 3 servings of Pot Pie, but you are paying for the convenience of prepared food delivered to your door. Their ingredients look stellar, but I could not find a nutrition label. I guess I would have to buy a meal. This is a great idea in a Pandemic, if you can afford it.

I am starting a personal 30 day declutter challenge today. 5 days a week I am challenging myself to spend 30 minutes decluttering and purging different areas of my home. I am sure everyone can relate to this. If you would like to join feel free. Leave me a comment to let me know you are joining and then how you do each day.

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