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I have had a very distracting week. I am learning more about promoting this blog and my Health Coaching services. There is so much to learn, but it is going well. Plus, all of this Covid stuff going on is a distraction as well. I get my first dose of the vaccine this Saturday and it can not come fast enough.

Lose Weight With Melissa is my next subscription plan. You may have seen Meals With Melissa and Crafting With Melissa. These subscriptions are affordable but are not one on one coaching. Each one has it’s own specifics as to what you are purchasing. If you are interested but need to ask questions, please feel free to do so. I aim to please my customers even if I fumble through at first, since I am learning as I go.

You pay for your subscription via Paypal using the button below. If you would rather I send you an invoice I will, just message me.

What will you receive?

I will offer you support on your weight loss journey. I too am on a journey to weight loss. Being over 50 and having CKD makes this journey all that more difficult. Each day, at the end of my exercise day, I will email to all subscribers what I ate the previous day with nutrition specs for calories, protein and carbs. I follow a lower carb diet, and enough protein. I will share how I track my specs and the apps I use. I will share my step count, and how I exercise in a day. I may share videos I like, equipment I like, etc. How many calories I burned according to my Fitbit and whether I lost, gained or stayed the same. So far I have been able to lose 15 pounds and keep it off, even through the holidays. I will share my tips for eating a lower carb diet with CKD, eating out, how I figure out how much protein I need. You can email me questions each day, share your progress and what has worked for you, etc. I may also share recipes too. All this for only 10 dollars a month. Each subscriber gets their own individual email. When your 30 day subscription is up you can simply renew or not. Your subscription will begin within 48 hours of your payment being received. You can always switch to one on one coaching if you need more intensive weight loss assistance.

Check out my new Mailchimp newsletter sign up form below. All Mailchimp subscribers will get my brand new Smoothie Popsicle Recipe for free. Then weekly you will receive my newsletter.


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