crafting with melissa

Happy Thursday! Did you see my new paid subscription yesterday, Meals with Melissa? If not you can read about Meals with Melissa, here. My meal plan for next week is complete, plus Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl are in February. If you would like to see what I will be making, get the meal plan, and recipes, plus how I adapt them for my CKD stage 3, be sure and sign up for Meals with Melissa.

Today, I am introducing Crafting With Melissa. This is also a 30 day subscription plan, that you can renew, or not, at the end of the subscription. Crafting and having Hobbies is a great way to relieve stress and possibly even earn a little side money. At the very least you can make wonderful gifts and home decor. I personally painting, crocheting, glass etching, gardening, jewelry making and lots of others too. Read on to see what your subscription will get you.

1- At the beginning of your subscription, within 3 days of payment being received, you will receive 5 craft project for you to work on for the next 30 days. Your subscription will begin whenever you pay. It does not have to be on the first of the month.

2- Each project will tell you what you need to buy, places where you can buy the items, any special tools you will need, and instructions to complete each project. I will share picture directions along with text, or I might even try videos.

3- Then two times each week I will touch base with you to see how you are doing, and see what you may need help with. You may ask me questions at any time. I will work you through any difficulties you may be experiencing. Plus I will share with you how and where you can make extra money with your new hobby.

4- I will share my finished items either through pictures or possibly videos.

5- Most of these will be fairly easy and affordable. I will try to keep them to themed projects around holidays and seasons. Some projects will be outside of themes.

6- The price for this subscription is 10 dollars per month. You can pay with the Paypal button below, or you can use the contact form to message me and I will send you an invoice to your Paypal email account.

7- All emails are sent individually, not group. I respect everyone’s privacy, and do not want people soliciting others.

Come back next week for 3 more paid subscription options, Lose Weight with Melissa, Mindfulness with Melissa, and Health and Wellness Challenge.

This weekend I will be posting about dry eyes, and dry mouth in relation to CKD. I will share how I have been treating this with a very affordable and effective method.


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