This week’s 5 dollar dinner idea

Happy Healthy Tuesday! If you saw yesterday’s post you may be curious as to what that was all about. That was not the topic I intended to write about. However, Sunday afternoon as I was driving to work I was listening to a radio show. The gentleman was saying how people like sensational stories, even outright lies at times, and will click on such stories more than truthful stories. So, I thought I would test it out by making a outrageous claim. I posed it as a question rather than a blanket statement or misleading truth. That post, which was only a couple of sentences received the second highest amount of views for the whole month of December. So, I guess the radio host was correct. So, what about the question I posed. Can you lose 100 pounds in 30 days? No, of course you can’t, and if you can you are probably in a very malnourished condition which would be extremely dangerous to your health. I looked up Bariatric Surgery stats to see how much people can lose in a month after Bariatric Surgery. The highest amount I found was 60 pounds in a month. I was curious to know what the percentage is for regain after Bariatric Surgery. According to this report, after 2 years 50% of Bariatric Surgery recipients have gained back all of their weight. Weight loss is a hard and complicated topic. A lot of times it is the brain that needs fixing to achieve successful weight loss. Lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits also must form new habits. It is a marathon not a sprint. If you would like to hire me as a Health Coach to reach your health goals, use the contact form at the end of this post to contact me.

Last week I shared that I would start sharing a weekly $5 dollar dinner idea. I get so tired of reading the unhealthy 5 dollar dinner ideas. Affordable meals don’t have to be unhealthy. Now, they might not always contain meat, or a fancy veggie, but that doesn’t mean they can’t. It does take some planning, and deal searching. We are having spaghetti with meat sauce and a side salad.

The ground turkey was $1.98

The jar of sauce was .98

The Barilla Pasta was $1.25

Not Shown is a bag of Dole salad mix which I bought last week for .99 at Dollar General Market. Everything else was purchased at Walmart. So, the grand total was $5.17 If you absolutely only had 5 dollars to spend you could leave the side salad out. The veggie pasta has pureed spinach and zucchini in it. You can see the nutrition labels for each item below and they are all pretty clean. The Barilla pasta even has the amount of Phosphorus listed. This is a huge plus for anyone with CKD. I was impressed with the sauce from Walmart brand with only 1 tsp of added sugar. That is a good sauce. Try to buy the healthier whole wheat or veggie pastas, to get the extra protein and veggies, if you can not afford to get meat or veggies. This will feed all three of us and will probably have at least pasta left over which can be used for lunch tomorrow. There should be meat sauce leftover as well.


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