tis the seasonings!

Happy Wellness Wednesday! My daughter already ate lunch so I will have to do the Dollar Tree food challenge item tomorrow. It is a damp, rainy and chilly day here in Florida. We did get in a driving lesson and a dog training session before the rain came, so now on to the school day. This gift idea is is more of a knowledge type gift idea. Last week I posted about herbs and spices as a way to cut back on sodium for people with CKD. However, as I found out my Lemon Pepper seasoning I use all the time has some sodium in it. Now, it is very strong and I only use small amounts, but it still has hidden sodium in it. So that got me to thinking that I could probably make these seasoning mixes myself and just keep them in the pantry. Most of them are made with common herbs and spices that would be included in a spice herb gift kit. However, if you really want to go organic and avoid all preservatives and additives, buy from a specialty website like Mountain Rose Herbs. I also shared the gift idea of growing an herb garden in which case your loved one could dry and save their own herbs. But, what if you wanted to learn to make herb and spice blends to give as awesome gifts? The video below will show you how easy it really is to do it and avoid all the extra stuff you may not want. The lovely lady in the video offers some great learn to cook options on her channel. You will need jars to put all your herb and spice mixes in, and here are some to choose from. If you are cheap like me, I mean frugal, you could just save old jars to use. But, since this is a gift idea I would recommend buying the lovely jars.

I hope you have been enjoying my gift idea series. It will come to an end on Friday. There are so many great gift ideas for people with CKD and I hope I have been able to narrow it down a bit. Because today is Wellness Wednesday, and I believe laughter is the best medicine be sure and watch the funny kitten video below. I hope it puts a smile on your face as it did mine.

Starting next week my year in review will begin, as well as into the first couple of weeks of January. I will be rolling out some new Health Buddy plans, so be sure to watch for those. If you think your loved one, or yourself, would find benefit in working with a Health Coach use the contact form to email me. Be sure and check out my Fitbit walking stats from yesterday and ask about my Walking Buddy program.


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