get your art flow on!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a splendid, relaxing day. Below please see my walking stats for Thursday and Friday. Let me know what you think of my Fitbit background images. Photography is another favorite hobby of mine. Also check out my next favorite Christmas song. Some years ago my son and I were in a singing Christmas tree. We had so much fun, and while I can not really sing, he can, and the experience was amazing. That was in 2016, the year I got very sick right after the singing Christmas tree finale. I was later diagnosed with CKD. Mary Did You Know was the solo that he sung, and below you can hear Carrie Underwood sing it. It is a beautiful song!

I think this is gift idea #11. If you have CKD, or you have a loved one who does, especially if they are on dialysis or have to spend large amounts of times at the doctors office, having something to occupy that time is a great gift. Maybe they are more homebound due to Covid and not wanting to catch it. Adult coloring books, with fine tip gel pens, or colored pencils are a great gift item. You will find all kinds of cool ones to choose from here. I love the window clings, the 3D puzzles and some of the other great options. These are easily portable and not super heavy. Maybe they would like to crochet, knit or read. There are so many art options for people to do. Give the gift of art to your loved one this year and see what they will create. Not only is Art a great way to cure boredom it is also great for self esteem, and reduction of stress. I love the adult coloring books and you can even make some beautiful gifts when they are completed.

Tomorrow, I will be putting together next week’s menu plan. I am making homemade lasagna today, and that will easily make several lunches, if not dinners in the next few days. Lasagna is obviously not low carb unless you don’t eat the noodles. But, a small piece paired with a large salad will make my meal a nutritious low carb meal. Remember, I am not Keto which is extremely low carbs, and very high fats. My diet of choice is low carb, about 100 grams per day, about 20% protein, and 30-40% fat which for now is a little higher than I like, but it is simply too hard to get enough calories if I don’t eat a little more fat. So far this has not had deleterious effects on my health, and honestly I was probably consuming more fat than I realized anyways.

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