Gift Idea #6 For People With CKD

Happy Sunday my wonderful readers. Today is gift idea #6 for people with CKD. Seeds!

Why? Well for one thing people with CKD have to avoid salt, so adding different spices and herbs to food adds tons of flavor. Two, if they are more homebound due to their CKD it will give them a great hobby that has awesome rewards. I would start with an Herb kit because most herbs grow well indoors, require little care, and get great benefits. I grow Parsley, Basil, and Peppermint right now. If you think your loved one would rather not garden you can always get them a multi-spice and herb collection already dried and ready to use, like this one. It even has free spice refills for 5 years! I might want that one, lol.

If you choose to get seeds it is suggested that you buy Heirloom Seeds. Read about that here. You can buy your seed kits, here.

I really love gardening and am going to step it up in 2021. If I get good at it, it can save me a lot of money and I may even have extras to share with others. It is relaxing, rewarding, not too strenuous if you maintain just a small garden or do container gardens.

Please remember to learn about the herbs and spices you may eat with CKD. Some are high in Potassium and should be used in small amounts. Some herbs are also high in Oxalates which can cause kidney stones. Always do your research, or ask your doctor. If you would like to work with a Health Coach to help you learn about Kidney Disease, use the communication form at the end of the post to send me an email with your interest.


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