self care sunday: halloween fun

For myself part of self care is crafting and decorating for the seasons. You may have read my blog post on creating my Fall miniature fairy garden. Today, I am sharing some short videos for ideas to decorate your home for Halloween. This year money is tight for a lot of people, so upcycling or making recycled decorations and or costumes may be very important. The Dollar Tree offers some great options to make some affordable decorating items. I am way behind this year with my Fall decorating. I need to get going. I generally don’t just decorate for Halloween, but rather a Fall theme so items can stay up until Thanksgiving. The pumpkin video offers some cool, non carved pumpkin decorating ideas. You will see below and image of the etched glass candle holders I made. They are available in my Etsy shop. Also, my turkey candles. I do not make a lot of money on Etsy, it is more of a way to do something with all of the items I love to create. Some items I give as gifts too. Leave me a comment telling me how you decorate for Halloween/Fall. I would love to hear from you your creative ideas.


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