chocolate is good for your kidneys?

I have not written about herbs, spices or essential oils much since completing my Herbalism certificate. I am going to be doing more of it, though. Chocolate is not an herb, but by definition it is a spice with medicinal properties.

Is it possible that chocolate is good for your kidneys and your heart? Sort of. Most chocolate purchased at your local store would probably not fit this category as it has tons of added sugars and fat. But the Cocoa Bean contains something magical called Flavinols. Flavinols improve blood circulation thereby improving circulation to both the heart and the kidneys. Most chocolate purchased in your local store have been stripped in the processing plant of flavinols. But, the good news is there are some companies that make flavinol rich dark chocolate. You do have to read the label, and I would pick the drink mix because the snack bars have lots of sugars and fats in them. But, if you want a healthy ish kind of take a long snack the bars on occasion can work. Milk chocolate has little to no flavinols, and white chocolate has none. If you have never eaten dark chocolate it can be bitter and takes some getting used to. I would probably use the powder in a smoothie, or you could put it in a protein shake. Dark chocolate has quite a bit of protein, so again watch your serving size. If you need to watch your phosphorus levels chocolate may not be a good option, but talk to your doctor if it can be a once in a while treat. I have provided a bunch of links below with information on studies of flavinols in chocolate, and how they can help Heart Disease and Kidney Disease. Like anything else, moderation is a good mantra. You don’t want to overdo flavinols anymore than anything else.

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