oleander and oleandrin: What you should know

This is not exactly what I intended to talk about today, but with it all over the news I figured I would.

Let me start by saying I have a certificate in Herbalism, and essential oils are a derivative of herbs. I like essential oils, or the few that I am familiar with and have been tested and peer reviewed. Also, let me say that most essential oils have limited to no testing on humans for either safety or efficacy, especially for people who already have underlying illnesses. That is why people should never take herbal supplements or essential oils without discussing it with their doctor first. You think because it comes from a plant it must be safe. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

Oleander is a flowering plant. All parts of this plant are toxic, but traditional cultural medicines have used it for various health issues. The main issue with it is toxic to the heart. I won’t go into big terms, you can read the article below, from Drugs.com but it has similar effects to Digoxin a cardiac medication that slows and strengthens the heart. Digoxin has been used for years, but it has a very narrow window to toxicity which can be deadly. It requires lab work and being followed by a doctor to be sure the dose is not too much. Oleander is also toxic to the liver and the kidneys.

So, why am I talking about it? If you follow the news you may have noticed a lot of hub bub about something called Oleandrin, which is some form of derivative of the Oleander plant. It is being pushed by a particular business man as a supposed or purported treatment for Coronavirus. There has not been, apparently, or that I could find of this being tested in animals or humans. It was tested in test tubes and apparently did kill viruses, but also it is true that lots of things kill a virus in a test tube but have no effect in animals or humans.

The only purpose of this post is to bring awareness to the topic, and to caution my readers against using any herb, botanical product, or essential oil to cure Covid 19 or any other disease, without discussing it with a trained medical doctor. Wearing a face mask, handwashing and social distancing are proven to help prevent Covid 19.

Read about Oleander at Drugs.com

Be smart, be safe!


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