Throwback Thursday: Halloween and Koolaid

I have decided Thursday posts will be fun posts. A little fun and nostalgia in our lives can never be a bad thing. Since it will be Fall before we know it, I decided to start with some Halloween nostalgia.

Now I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s so it is a perfect era to start with. We were pretty poor when I was growing up, and Koolaid was inexpensive. Matter of fact it still is. Koolaid is what we drank most of as kids. We had Koolaid cups, they were so cute, and all kinds of flavors of Koolaid. I can even remember, as the vintage ad below states, getting Koolaid packets in our trick or treat pumpkins. Grape and Cherry were my favorites. What about yours? My mom used to make popsicles with Koolaid. How many of you had those Tupperware popsicle makers? We did and they were grand. Soda was not really a thing back then, at least not in rural America. When we did have soda it was only on pizza night, and pizza night was only every other Friday.

Did you drink a lot of Koolaid as a kid? What memories or nostalgia can you share about those days? Share in the comments. I would love to hear from others.

Please note I found the image on Pinterest.

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Halloween and Koolaid

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