Portion Distortion: Pasta

Do you love pasta? I love pasta. My kids love pasta. It is a staple food in our house. I really like Publix Greenwise organic pasta. It is a little bit more expensive than non organic pasta but it is still an affordable product. Pasta can go a long way, especially if you are eating the recommended portion size. Most people, and we were included in this group, overeat pasta probably because they don’t realize what a portion size of pasta really is. This is not a paid post. I am just sharing the pasta I choose most often.

Pasta is a carbohydrate dense food making it higher in calories. It is also affordable and can fill you up for long periods of time. Not to mention it is often enriched making it a healthy food option. But, it can also add on the extra pounds when eaten in large amounts. For most pastas, and I say most, because I have not read every single box of pasta, and I suppose they could differ, a serving size is 2 oz which is equal to 1/2 cup dry pasta. When cooked that 1/2 cup of dry pasta will equal out to about a heaping 1 cup serving. Now trust me that is not a lot of pasta. It will look like you have no food on your plate, trust me. That is why it is so often over eaten. That 1 cup of cooked pasta has right about 200 calories in it. If you have even 2 cups you are getting 400 calories in just the pasta on your plate. Spaghetti is the hardest to measure. I cut the spaghetti up in small pieces and then use the measuring cup to scoop it out. If you have CKD, like me, then use only a small amount of spaghetti sauce. I use 1/4 cup of sauce, sometimes it has meat, sometimes it is Vegetarian with mushrooms and onions. It just depends. Making your own sauce will help you know what is in your sauce. I often choose Publix organic sauces. Sometimes we just have pasta with some butter or olive oil and salt or other seasonings for me. Sauteed veggies and no sauce is also a favorite of mine. Of course red pepper sauce is low in potassium, and my family likes Alfredo sauce too, but I don’t use Alfredo, Avoid bread too, a future portion distortion post, if you are trying to lose weight. Or limit to just one slice of bread.

Learning to eat recommended portion sizes is hard, but with some practice and guidance it is totally doable. If you would like to have me coach you in this area use the contact form at the end of the post to message me, or email me at melissa@healthbuddymelissa.coach