Updates from Health buddy Melissa

As you can see I have my own domain name now, and a fresh updated website. You will also notice paid ads now on this website. I have upgraded this blog so I can start accepting payments right from here. For now I will use Paypal and am looking at Stripe. I also now have Google Suite for secure emails, video chat, text chat all safe and secure. I have a crazy busy week coming up, as my son is getting married, but I will be updating my Health Buddy plans to be more streamlined and simplified. Some features such as Guided Imagery and Distance Reiki will still be stand alone plans, as some people may just opt for those and not actual coaching. I also have a new secure email just for Health Buddy business through Google Suite. I pay for this feature, and it guarantees privacy and security. My Disclaimer will also be updated and I am considering a sleek new logo, though I really love the simple one I already have. I will be adding new features for paying members only, but that will be down the road as I decide how I want it to be. For now my special for all new customers remains at 25 dollars for 30 days. This is currently for USA customers only, as I do not know the laws for Health Coaches in other countries. I will also be getting an app where contracts and forms can be easily signed online. With all the Telehealth going on I am ready for the virtual world to need my Health Coaching services. I am an Independent Contractor and do not work for or by anyone else. I hope you enjoy the new website! If you have unmet needs and you would like to work with a Holistic Health Coach to learn how to meet them, use the contact form at the end of the post to message me. I am ready to accept new clients.