Self Care Sunday: Sunsets

Do you take time to enjoy Sunsets? Taking a few minutes and watching the sunset every day can be a powerful end to your busy day. I try to be outside every evening throwing the ball to the dog and watching the sunset. I sit on the swing and listen to the birds, and tree frogs in the Summer.

We are actually on vacation, and the sunset below is a Saharan Dust Sunset in Captiva Island. We were supposed to be vacationing in NY. We left for NY, got as far as NC, and the governor of NY put a mandatory 2 week quarantine in place for all visitors from FL. Since that would have been our whole vacation, and being caught came with hefty fines, we turned around and returned to FL. We decided to visit Captiva, a place we have always wanted to go to. It is amazing here. Kind of expensive, but I guess all vacation spots would be expensive. The sunsets are truly amazing, and the beaches are awesome. Most people here are wearing face masks, which believe me is no easy feat when it is 100 degrees plus outside. The beaches are not crowded this time of year, due to the heat, so masks have not been needed on the beach.

I will miss this place when we leave.