Going Plant Based or Vegetarian with Kidney Disease

So, I was originally going to post one big post on meat protein vs plant protein, but there is so much good information out there that I decided to split them up into individual posts. This post will be about my personal experience so far.

I have written about Plant Based and Vegetarian lifestyles, before. But, while I had made a lot of changes, and tried various things I never went full on in. The main reason for that is I have an underlying fear of not getting enough Iron from plant sources, mainly because I do not digest or tolerate beans, or soy very well. I do not want to be anemic again like I was when I was first diagnosed. That was incredibly awful. That fear has plagued me for a couple of years. Fears are funny things. But, after taking some Nutrition courses, and reading a lot about Plant Based and Vegetarian lifestyles, and the benefits it has on the kidneys I decided to go all in. I have been Plant Based totally for 7 days now. I do eat eggs about twice a week, and have skim milk a few times a week. I will also have small amounts of cheese, ice cream on occasion and this morning I had two pieces of bacon. I assume I will eat Tuna a couple of times a month. No more chicken, pork or beef. Holidays I am sure I will have turkey if it is offered.

I feel great actually, and I do take a multivitamin a few times a week just to be safe with my Iron. The fear of being anemic is bigger than my desire to not want to take supplements. I have no inflammation, headaches, or joint pains since switching. I do get muscle soreness after exercising hard, but that is normal soreness. I have noticed I am not sleeping as well, but I assume that will correct itself after my body has adjusted. I sleep sound, just not as long as I would like. It could be totally due to it being lighter earlier, also.

Because I am also on a weight loss mission, that will be another post, plant based can have a lot of carbs, so it is a real balancing act.

Stay tuned to follow my journey. We are going on a family vacation in 10 days it will be interesting to see how I will make modifications while travelling. I don’t see me wanting to eat salad all the time, but we will see. I may have to just take some things in the car that can travel easily. We are driving and it will be a long three days to get where we are going. I will try to blog daily, or every few days at least.

Below you will find one of my new favorite exercise videos. I was going to do them all in one post too, but I find there are too many, lol. I get bored very easily. Remember if you have kidney disease you need to keep your heart rate zone within the light to moderate range. Under the video will be a contact form. Please use it to contact me for any reason. All comments are moderated. Please make comments post topic appropriate or they will not be allowed. I know everyone wants backlinks, but this gets quite old the strange comments I get.

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