Soy What?

I have been suffering from hot flashes for a few months.  While I have been menopausal for over a year, the hot flashes have just started.  They occur during the day, as well, but really only bother me at night, disturbing my sleep several times a night.  I really am not big on taking medications, especially with Kidney Disease.  I do, however, like natural treatments, as long as they do not turn out to be detrimental to the kidneys.  Unfortunately there are not a lot of studies as to the safety of alternative remedies and the kidneys.  So, what is a girl to do?  I did some research on Soy because I knew Soy had some phytoestrogen properties.  But, I also am not super tolerant of Soy products, especially in large amounts.  But, luckily it seems as though Soy in smaller amounts can possibly help hot flashes.  The video below, the lady explains it perfectly, and I could not agree more with her.  I will be adding 1 tsp of low sodium Soy Sauce, and believe me it is still a lot of Sodium, about 150 mg, to one meal per day to see if I get any benefit from it.  Hopefully, that is all I will need, because my hot flashes while annoying, are not that severe.  I am hoping they won’t become severe, either. I added a few other reading sources about hot flashes and natural treatments.  I already use Peppermint for headaches, and muscle tension, so I can just try applying some to the back of my neck at bedtime.  I use already diluted Peppermint in a roller bottle, that I can carry in my purse, and that will work perfectly next to my bed.  If you do not have diluted Peppermint Oil, be sure and use a carrier oil to dilute it before applying to any part of your body. Update: There is virtually no soy in Soy Sauce, and lowering my sugar intake is actually what helped my hot flashes.


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Healthy Tips On Tuesday: Keeping Your Mental Health Healthy During Coronavirus

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone continues to be well.  I have been busy with some new classes, and new exercise routines.  We are all still healthy and working.  My poor sister had some bad news last week about her job, so that was hard to hear, and my job had one case but it was quickly isolated and no one else has gotten it, thank goodness.  It goes to show with the swift quarantine of people who have the spread of the virus can be contained, and spread prevented.

Below is a quick video to help deal with one’s mental health during these tough times.  I very much like what they said at the very end.  See what I am talking about.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing.


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Move It Or Lose It!

I will be 51 this year, and I am post-menopausal, so muscle wasting, or Sarcopenia, is a serious issue for me.  Plus with CKD, and watching protein intake, Sarcopenia can be a real issue.  Watch the TedX video below, and see what I mean.

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My CKD Version Of An Orange Julius

I would have never dreamed of loving smoothies, but I do!  I especially like them as a breakfast or even a light lunch option.  Copycat versions of an Orange Julius have over 300 calories and uses whole bananas and orange juice.  I love bananas, and I love oranges, but they are high in potassium as well.  So, what is a girl with CKD to do?  Make up your own recipe for an Orange Julius, that’s what.  Please note, the nutrition info provided is an estimate based on the ingredient labels I used.

Orange Julius CKD version:

1/2 of an orange= 82 mg of Potassium, 22 calories,  0 mg of Sodium, and no Protein

1/2 of a banana=  211 mg of Potassium, 55 calories, 0 mg of Sodium and 0.5 mg of Protein

3 tbsp of French Vanilla Non-Dairy Creamer=  0 mg of Potassium, 75 calories, 0 mg of Sodium, and no Protein.

Crushed ice to your suiting, and filtered water as need to meet consistency of your liking.  I like it nice and thick.

Add all the ingredients to the blender, and then enjoy.

Total calories= 152

Potassium=  293 mg

Sodium=  0 mg

Protein=  0.5mg


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Cytokine Storm and Covid-19

If you follow the medical news you have probably noticed that there is a lot of talk around something called a Cytokine Storm and how it is possibly the cause of the worst symptoms for Covid-19 patients.

As the country, and the world starts to re-open it is even more imperative for people to protect themselves from getting this horrible virus.  Of course, the best way to do that is to stay at home as much as possible.  If you already have chronic inflammation or a chronic illness, you are already going to be at a higher risk of getting Covid-19.  I tried to pick the easiest to understand sources for you to watch and read to learn about what a Cytokine Storm is.  It is a normal response to a germ, but the storm part is the abnormal part and the part that does all of the damage to the organs of the body.

Please watch, and stay home and safe if you can.  If you would like to ask questions, I will try my best to answer, but a lot of it is very clinical.  I am especially interested, as someone with CKD, to the lab tests that may catch the beginnings of a Cytokine Storm.  I will be keeping them in mind to talk to my doctor about it.

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