Heme Iron vs Non-Heme Iron

This is the first part of a two part post about Protein, specifically meat vs plant protein. One thing that needs to be considered when deciding whether to switch from meat protein to plant protein, is Iron. If you have CKD like me, Iron is vital to keep the levels up. Even if you do not have CKD having too little Iron can lead to Anemia as well as other problems. Below you will find some videos explaining the difference between Heme Iron and Non-Heme Iron. I will make a couple of points about my observations and experiences of both types of Iron.

1, First let me say, again , that Nutrition is a very complicated topic. That is why there are experts like Dietitians. Seek advice from an expert if you already have underlying issues before trying to switch your diet.

2. Getting too much Iron in a day can be just as dangerous as not getting enough. It can increase the risk of Cancer, as well as Diabetes, especially heme Iron, which is meat source Iron. Know how much Iron is recommended for your age, and gender.

3. Iron absorption differs greatly between the two kinds of Iron. If you do not tolerate Vegetarian sources of foods in high amounts, due to too much fiber, or other issues, then non-heme Iron may not be well suited for you. Plus you have to consume a lot more of non-heme Iron sources, due to it not being absorbed as well, to get enough from these sources. I personally am very sensitive to too much Fiber, and I do not find it pleasant to consume non-heme Iron sources in too high of quantities.

4. Watch carefully to learn all the ways that Iron absorption can be enhanced or inhibited. I found it quite interesting that dairy products can actually inhibit Iron absorption. This is curious to me because so many children and adults drink Milk with their meals.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. Or, you can use the contact form after the videos to message me.

BTW I know when my Iron levels are going astray because I get a swollen sore tongue.


2 thoughts on “Heme Iron vs Non-Heme Iron

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