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Hurricane Prep in Covid-19

I think we can agree that having a Hurricane strike while we are still dealing with a Pandemic, will be really disastrous. Yet, that is highly possible to happen. We have already had a Tropical Storm, and a new Invest being watched. Hurricane season does not even begin until June 1st. Last year I did a series of posts on Hurricane Prep, and you can read them here. Now I will add a few more things to add to a kit whilst also dealing with a pandemic.

This info was taken from Fema.gov in part.

1- Every member of a family should have at least 2 cloth face coverings. Covid 19 is spread via droplets, and some even think it could be airborne. This means face coverings are vital. There are many places to buy face masks now. I buy mine from Etsy, and Redbubble. If you would like to see some face masks in my Redbubble shop, click here. To clean your face masks, wash them with soap and water and then hang to dry, or steam iron them. Face coverings are not recommended for children under the age of 2.

2- Rubber gloves for all members, or some kind of hand covering. Plastic shopping bags may not be perfect, but they are better than nothing if nothing is all you can find.

3- Products to clean and disinfect. I recently found that I could get Alcohol wipes on autoship monthly, from Walgreens. This is extremely helpful if you can also do so. I did notice my local Walmart finally had Alcohol in stock. But, there was only 3 and you were only allowed to buy 1. Lysol, Clorox, paper towels and diluted bleach, and Hydrogen Peroxide are all great products for disinfecting. Hydrogen Peroxide has to be 3% to be effective. Be sure and always read the label for mixing and diluting directions.

4- Hand sanitizer for each member of the family. If you can not get hand sanitizer, soap and water is just as good and probably better. Bar soap will be the easiest to put in a kit, and some bottled water. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and dry thoroughly. Which reminds me a hand towel, or two in your kit for drying hands.

5- I know for us we will avoid shelters, but if we must, or you must, go to a shelter try to stay 6 feet apart as much as possible. If you can not for sure wear a face covering.

6- It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have cold medicine in your kit, and Kleenex in case someone in your family does become sick. As well as Tylenol or Ibuprofen to control a fever.

7- Start preparing now. Take only what you will need, and don’t hoard so others get nothing, but do start preparing and stocking up now.

Stay safe!