My CKD Version Of An Orange Julius

I would have never dreamed of loving smoothies, but I do!  I especially like them as a breakfast or even a light lunch option.  Copycat versions of an Orange Julius have over 300 calories and uses whole bananas and orange juice.  I love bananas, and I love oranges, but they are high in potassium as well.  So, what is a girl with CKD to do?  Make up your own recipe for an Orange Julius, that’s what.  Please note, the nutrition info provided is an estimate based on the ingredient labels I used.

Orange Julius CKD version:

1/2 of an orange= 82 mg of Potassium, 22 calories,  0 mg of Sodium, and no Protein

1/2 of a banana=  211 mg of Potassium, 55 calories, 0 mg of Sodium and 0.5 mg of Protein

3 tbsp of French Vanilla Non-Dairy Creamer=  0 mg of Potassium, 75 calories, 0 mg of Sodium, and no Protein.

Crushed ice to your suiting, and filtered water as need to meet consistency of your liking.  I like it nice and thick.

Add all the ingredients to the blender, and then enjoy.

Total calories= 152

Potassium=  293 mg

Sodium=  0 mg

Protein=  0.5mg


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