Thinking on Thursday: Gratitude Journaling

Updated 4/1/2021: 1 year after Covid and we are still in difficult times. In these new, and difficult times of social distancing and staying home, it can sometimes seem like there is not much to be grateful for.  If you are sick, or someone you know is sick, maybe got laid off, or are afraid of getting laid off, journaling may be for you.  You can do a journal on the computer like I am here on this blog, in a physical journal, an app on your phone, or just pen and paper.  Whatever mode you choose it can be very therapeutic.  I picked Gratitude Journaling for this series of Thinking on Thursday posts, because being grateful even when things are hard can help one grow as a person.  You will increase your writing skills, thinking skills, coping skills etc.    The prompt I have chosen is , Name A Highlight In Your Day.

So, after all that blah blah stuff what is one highlight of my day?  Well, I actually have two.  My car had to go into the garage because the check engine light was on.  I am grateful it was only something small and did not cost me a ton of money to fix or leave me without a car.  I really wouldn’t mind being without a car right now, as we are not going too many places, but I work 35 minutes from my home and I would hate to walk, lol.  Second I learned a new craft today.  I have been making etched glass pieces for a while now, that you can put a candle in.  Today I learned to make gel candles and made a purple one put into one of my etched glass candle holders.  You can see the image below.  I really like how it came out, but I think I needed to add a little more gel to it.  This one used a bit of the gel, but I hope to make smaller ones to make them more economical to make and sell.  I am grateful that I can still use my hands, creativity, and brain to learn new skills.

Your turn.  Share in the comments if you wish.  I would love to hear from you. Read about my new 30 day coaching plan here. Join my April 2021 Health Challenge!

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