Foodie Friday: Making My Weekly Meal Plan Kidney-Friendly

So, I have decided to make my Foodie Friday posts about how I make my family meal plan more kidney-friendly for me.  Sometimes I don’t have to change much, but other meals I modify quite a bit for me.  I don’t expect my family to give up all the things they love just because I have kidney disease.  However, I also don’t want to cook 2 separate meals, and I also don’t want to waste food or money.  Below I will show the modifications I made.  Please note I am stage 3.  I do not have Diabetes or High Blood Pressure.  I do have some weight I would like to lose. I am 50 years old, and post-menopausal.  I do not have issues with Potassium.

Monday-  Chicken Ala King over biscuits and fruit.  This was the meal.  Now because we are trying to use up food we already have I used cream of chicken soup to make the gravy base.  These soups are very high in sodium.  You could always make your own, or just portion a smaller portion which is what I did.  I also par-boil the chicken to reduce fat, potassium, and phosphorus.  I then pan fry it with some seasonings for flavor before adding it to the gravy.  We used canned peas and carrots because again I am trying to use up food on hand.  To lower the sodium levels rinse the veggies twice before adding them to the gravy mixture.  For biscuits, I have never found a low sodium version.  They are also higher in phosphorus.  So, I simply just made sure I ate only one biscuit.  Make sure you are not taking more than 3 oz of chicken when you plate up your food.  I had a side salad to fill me up instead of having two biscuits and more of the gravy mixture.

Tuesday-  Fried chicken, mac n cheese with whole tomatoes over it and green beans.  This one is obviously hard for several reasons.  I again par-boiled the chicken before frying it.  For the coating, I found Publix brand bread crumbs the unflavored ones have no phos in the ingredients, so I use them.  I dip each piece of chicken in egg then coat with the breadcrumbs.  Then fry in just a little bit of oil to make them crispy.  My kids like Kraft Mac n Cheese of course.  I just limit myself to a 1/4 cup serving.  Green beans were canned so again I rinse and drain two times prior to cooking.  Always use salt-free butter.  A side salad again for me, helps me fill up.  For the tomatoes they were stewed canned tomatoes, and I only add like a teaspoon to my mac n cheese.

Wednesday:  Grilled Cheese and tomato soup, fruit.  You can always use Ezekiel bread it is very low in sodium.  I used whole grain bread for mine, which is higher in phosphorus, but still better for me.  You can use Swiss cheese which is a lower sodium salt.  Look at the different brands of cheese that you may like to pick the lowest sodium version.  Tomato soup was delicious I cook it with water, not milk, and I do not add crackers.  You can make homemade tomato soup very easy and it will have way less sodium, but I had canned on hand.  For the fruit, we always have oranges, bananas or apples on hand.  I split a banana with one of my kids.  If you can not have a banana or orange due to potassium restrictions, choose berries, or apples instead.

Thursday-  Chicken Marsala, pasta, fruit or salad.  I had a jar of Marsala sauce I bought to try.  But, I noticed there was a lot of sodium and other things CKD people should really not have.  So, I opted to just not use any for me.  I am also not eating carbs past my lunchtime meal, so I skipped the pasta.  I par-boiled the chicken before pan-frying in spices, and then I added mine to a salad.  Everyone else ate it over pasta and said the sauce was just ok.  I will just make it homemade from now on.  For fruit, again I split a banana with my daughter.

Friday-  This is a workday for me, so I am taking tuna with mayo, an orange and a banana.  I do eat a whole can of tuna when I am working.  If I don’t eat it all I bring it home for a future lunch.  I eat it without bread or carbs.  Note on the carbs, I am not talking about fresh fruit.  Those carbs I do eat at dinner time.  I will let you know how this works for me and my weight loss goal.  The rest of my family will have cheese ravioli with cheesy bread.  If I was going to be home I would eat this but limit my portions and add a side salad.

Saturday-  The menu says smothered frito taco bowls and coleslaw.  This is totally not what is going to happen.  My daughter picked this meal and when I was looking at the recipe there is no way I can make this healthy enough for me, and honestly, it is not healthy for anyone.  I do not par-boil ground beef.  You can, of course, but I don’t.  This meal will instead be soft tacos, and for me a taco salad.  Making your own taco seasoning will save a ton of sodium.  I had a packet on hand, so I will be using that.  I limit the amount of meat I put on my salad to 3 oz, a small amount of sour cream and a small amount of shredded cheese.  The shells are high in sodium, sometimes higher than bread, and have added phosphorus for preservatives.  So, I avoid them.

Sunday-  BLT, and apples.  If I choose not to have bread I will put my bacon, lettuce, and tomato in a salad.  I probably will have whole wheat bread.  White bread has less phosphorus, but I want the whole grains in whole wheat.  You can use Ezekiel bread to have lower sodium bread.  If I choose to have bread, then I can have the coleslaw I didn’t make on Saturday.  Apples round out this meal.  After you make your bacon, be sure and let it rest on a plate of paper towels to get rid of some of the greases.  Use low sodium bacon or turkey bacon.  My family is not crazy about either of those, so I simply limit my portion size to no more than 3 slices.  Note that dairy products are very high in Phosphorus.  I do not consume dairy except in very small portions and only with certain meals.  I do not drink Milk, except in very hit or miss situations, such as on my cereal.

I am working on next week’s menu as we speak.  Be sure to come back and check on Monday.  Remember foods that are processed, and not fresh, are going to have more sodium, potassium, and phosphorus than fresh because they act as preservatives for longer shelf life.  Be sure you are only consuming the portion size, or cook from fresh if possible.  If you would like to learn more about how a Health Coach can help you message me for a free meet and greet.  Use the contact form below to message me about learning more about my services, or to sign up for my weekly newsletter.


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