Wellness Wednesday: What is Coronavirus?

You may have seen on the news talk about a new Virus called Coronavirus.  Coronavirus is not new.  But apparently is usually transmitted from animal to animal.  This new Coronavirus has been confirmed to be transmittable from human to human.  This new virus is apparently quite strong and can lead to Pneumonia.  There have been several deaths in China, where the Virus began.  The first known case is now in the USA in Washington state.

Preventing getting and spreading the Virus is just like any other Virus.  Good hand washing, don’t touch your face, good hygiene, stay home if you are not feeling well to prevent spreading, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, avoid stress or manage it, wear a mask, visit your doctor if symptoms are severe or persist.  There is currently not a vaccine for this strain of Coronavirus.

Read more about it here.


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