updated Health Buddy Melissa Mission and privacy statement

Updated 2/4/2021. I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas.  It was a beautiful day here and we were blessed with lots of love.  We had a full week of finishing up shopping, lunches out, wrapping gifts, dinner prep, etc. I am 51 years old, and I have CKD. I am a LPN of 34 years.

This last week of December, I will be creating new graphics, fun memes, content ideas, January challenge and so much more. I will also be evaluating the goals I set for 2019 and create new goals for 2020.  Upgrading this blog, writing a business plan and other business-related topics will also finalize this last week of December.

My mission statement is pretty simple and self explanatory. It is the mission of Health Buddy Melissa to increase awareness of Kidney Disease and help those who have it. This is to be accomplished by my AKF Kidney Coach class, which is free to anyone who signs up for it. Or, by one on one Health Coaching with people who have CKD and wish to slow the progression and live a fruitful fulfilling life. Part two of my mission is, Health Buddy Melissa will guide clients to create and obtain vision, via goals, for their best health and well being. I am not a doctor. I am a Health Coach. A Health Coach coaches you to reach your health goals. I do not tell you what to do, or how to do it. I guide you finding the answers to do those things yourself. I teach, support, evaluate, re-evaluate, motivate, and respect you. I do not give medical advice, nor do I give nutrition advice. However, I can help you learn about your medical and nutritional needs.

My Privacy Statement is also simple and to the point. I will never share your personal information with anyone. WordPress may collect cookies as part of their tracking, but this does not include any personal information you may share with me. I have purchased a business email through Google Suite and all interactions will be private. I do have a Privacy Policy that all customers must review and sign upon working with me. I take privacy very seriously.

If you would like to learn more about Health Buddy Melissa’s Health Coaching Services, please use the contact form at the end of this post to message me. All plans are being updated as far as wording goes, but pricing will be the same as you may find on this blog. You can always request a quote from me through the contact form.

Please join my email list and never miss a post. Plus, you will be informed of specials, flash sales, freebies, group events, etc. New sign ups will automatically receive my free Popsicle Smoothie recipe with nutrition facts.

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This is a friendly reminder that I am a Certified Health Coach.  I am not looking for dates, buying stocks, love, or whatever other weird contacts I have been getting on social media.  If you are not serious about learning about your Health and Wellness then please visit a dating, investing, or affiliate website.

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