Did You Gobble Til You Wobble?

How was your Thanksgiving?  I am not just talking about food.  I hope everyone was able to enjoy their Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We had a busy, but a peaceful day.   I can admit I ate a little bit more than I should have, but not too much.  On Wednesday, I watched the Netflix documentary, The Game Changers.  I am encouraging the rest of my family to watch it too.  While I have been slowly converting to Vegetarian eating, the documentary just speeded the process up for me.  I will probably never be Vegan, and am more focused on Mediterranean Diet way of eating.  I am sensitive to soy products, and with CKD I do have to be sure and get adequate Iron.  B12 is another huge vitamin that is necessary for the body, but I won’t say any more to give away too much from the documentary.  Watch it.  Do you think you could switch, or have you already?

Don’t forget about my free Walking Challenge to start in 2020.  I personally have a goal to start running in 2020.  I am already working towards it now.  Message me for details, or read the post in the archives.  I will try and set up an easy monthly challenge for different target areas.  December will be a month-long plank challenge.  I have some ideas for some other new programs too.  You can read all my current plants in the Available Plan section, and I have a monthly special, too.  I also offer gift certificates.





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