Mindful Monday: Mindful Eating

If the definition of Mindfulness is focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, then Mindful Eating is focusing one’s awareness on what one is eating in the present moment.  That is a basic definition.  There is a lot to Mindful Eating.  But, it starts with accepting and loving yourself first.  Then as one works through the process and becomes more mindful of what, when, where, how and why one eats that is when habits change and a more healthy food relationship can be established.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner and most of Thanksgiving is centered around family and food, overeating is a real issue for a lot of people.  Especially if those with chronic illnesses where overeating can be especially dangerous.  On Friday, Nov 1, I will be rolling out my Don’t Gobble til You Wobble monthly special.  It will be geared towards people who want to be more mindful of eating during the holidays.  It is a version of the 30-day plan, but with a discount for the month of November.  I hope people will join me on this journey as I myself with CKD am mindful of staying within my restrictions during the holidays.  Use the contact form below, or the button in the upper right-hand corner to message me if you are interested in learning about Health Coaching for Mindful Eating.  You must be 18 years of age unless sessions are with a parent.  If a participant has a history of severe eating disorders or unresolved trauma regarding food then Mindful Eating should be done with a trained Psychiatric Specialist trained in those areas, not a Health Coach.  If your medical specialist gives the OK to work with me, as a Health Coach, then a form can be signed to allow that.

A few reminders.  You can still get in on the October special until October 31st at midnight Eastern Time.  The November support group starts Nov 6th, 1 PM Eastern time, and you can still sign up for that until Nov 5th at midnight Eastern Time.  I will be doing my first voice podcast this Thursday.  At first, podcasts will cover Kidney Awareness but will move to other topics after I have finished that topic.  I will not be doing video podcasts until I am sure I have all the proper equipment and capabilities so as not to waste time.  If you would like to submit topics or questions on the topic of kidney disease, please use the contact form below to message me.  The first podcast will just be general info about me, and why I am doing Kidney Awareness.  I am finishing up a new Guided Imagery for mild Social Anxiety.  It should be available to purchase by next week in my Etsy shop.  To see all of my current available plans, click here, and don’t forget I am looking for participants to help me practice my new Empower program for free.  The part that is free is 90 minutes long, and it is part of my Holistic Health Coach class.  Message me if you are interested.