Don’t let acne steal your thunder

Edited 3/17/2021 Did you know there is a product that can help get rid of Acne, which costs only 98 cents?  At least where I live it does.  It may cost more where you live.

When I was growing up we did not have a lot of money.  My mother was not going to spend money on face cleaning products just because I had Acne.   Having Acne can severely affect the Wellness of any teenager, woman, or even men.  It is a core issue in a world full of beautiful people.  Now you can argue whether that is vain, or not, but in the world of Wellness topics appearance matters.  At the age of 16, I was privileged to be smart enough to get enrolled in the LPN dual enrollment program.  You would think that has nothing to do with Acne, but the Stress levels of taking that course at such a young age only added to my Acne issues.  One day, an older classmate was cleaning her face with an alcohol wipe.  I asked her why on Earth would she do that?  She told me it dries out the oils on her face and keeps it clean.  So, I wondered would it work for me.  I had small babysitting jobs at that age, so I had a little bit of money.  I went and bought myself a big bottle of Rubbing Alcohol, those little pads were too expensive.  I used a clean tissue to wipe my face twice a day, and you know what the results were very good.  My Acne started to go away.  My skin felt fresher and cleaner.  It was drier instead of so oily and greasy.  I started to feel better about my appearance which added to my Wellness at such a fragile age.

Now, my Acne did not go completely away.  I still had tons of Stress in my life, and my diet was not so great either.  Not to mention Hormones.  None of these issues can be helped with Rubbing Alcohol.  OK, maybe the Stress a little bit because of the Stress of having Acne.  But, not Stress related to being in nursing school at such a young age.  I had to learn to deal with those other issues in different ways.

But, using the Rubbing Alcohol did diminish my Acne enough to improve my overall Wellness, and that mattered.  Now I have a daughter of my own.  No she is not in nursing school, nor does she want to be, but she did inherit my oily skin, and she could improve her diet, and of course Hormones.  But, she started cleaning her face with Rubbing Alcohol and saw great improvements.  Next week I will share the other thing she does to her face which almost completely gets rid of the Acne.

If Acne is steeling your Wellness, and you would like to learn how Diet and Stress can play a role in helping Acne go away, use the contact form below to message me for a free Meet and Greet with evaluation.  If you are under 18, you will need a parent to contact me.

Rubbing Alcohol can be strong.  Keep it away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.  Do not inhale it, I promise it burns.  Use a cotton ball, or a small piece of tissue to put the Rubbing Alcohol on and then dab it, or rub, on the parts of your face that need it.  You can also rub it on the chest, back, shoulders or other non-sensitive areas.  If it is too harsh for your skin, then dilute it in some water.  Never spray it on your face.  Use in a well-ventilated room.  If your skin gets red, too dry, itchy, flakey or any other adverse effect then stop using it.  If you ever have hives, or difficulty breathing after using it seek medical attention.  If you have known allergies to products that contain alcohol don’t even attempt this.  Clear skin is not as important as doing damage to yourself.

To read more about how Rubbing Alcohol may work to treat acne, click here.

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