Top 5 Things I Would Like People to Know About Kidney Disease

As I prepare for another Kidney Coach Class, I try to think of keypoints I would like people to know about Kidney Disease or questions they may ask.  Since I have CKD, with no known actual cause, and I had some pretty interesting symptoms most of my life that was mostly overlooked, it is important to me for people to learn about Kidney Disease and how insidious it can be.  As I continue to learn, and grow with my disease and also how to run a Health Coaching business, I hope to help many people learn not only to accept and thrive with their disease but also ways to prevent the disease.  There is always so much to learn.  New information, drugs, screening, tips, ideas, diets etc it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with it all.  But it is vital to always learn and educate oneself.