Food on Friday: Sweet and Salty Popcorn

One of my most favorite items to snack on is popcorn. If you love sweet and salty together this is a great option for you.  Sometimes it is a light meal. 

Popcorn is a whole grain, so it is very healthy.  Compared to other whole grains Popcorn is fairly low in Phosphorus per serving.  The recipe below uses salted butter, and vegetable oil.  You could make it even better by using unsalted butter, olive oil, or air popping it. If you use Olive Oil be careful to not burn the oil.

Since I make this popcorn for a whole family I had to try and break down the nutrients for one serving of 3 cups.  Therefore nutrients may not be exact, but you get a general idea.   You could also use whipped butter, which I have recently discovered, it has less fat than a regular butter. It is still butter, not margarine, but the whipping process adds air to the butter making it less fatty. Cool! I have also used Everything But the Bagel seasoning on my popcorn, which is amazing, but then I discovered it was high in Oxalates, so now I only use it once in a while.

Finding snacks that are delicious, but still OK for CKD is a challenge. That is one of the reasons I love popcorn. It fits all my needs.

What is your favorite way to make popcorn?  Let me know in the comments.


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