Healthy Tip Tuesday

Wow just like that I am over 100 followers well before my goal of the end of the year.  Thank you to all who have chosen to follow this blog.  I am honored.

Today’s Healthy Tip Tuesday probably sounds pretty basic, reduce your Sodium intake for better overall health.  But, in Western Countries, we consume way too much Sodium than our bodies need.  It is recommended to only consume about 3G of Sodium or 3,000 mg per day for individuals without a disease.  If you have a disease it is going to be more like 2,000 mg.  Do you ever try to keep track of how much Sodium you are consuming?  Sodium is in everything, it seems.  That is because it adds flavor and is a preservative.  To reduce your Sodium intake remove salt shakers from tables, don’t eat out as much or ask for no salt added, reduce bread intake(bread is very high in sodium per serving), cook at home, and use less processed foods such as quick meals.  I use a lot of Lemon Pepper seasoning because you only need a tiny bit to get loads of flavor.  It does still have some salt, but you only use a tiny bit.

Too much Sodium can cause you to retain water, and increase blood pressure.  The easiest way to decrease your blood pressure is to consume less Sodium.  Now, I don’t know of any doctor who will tell you to not decrease your Sodium intake, however, there may be an instance where that could be unsafe for you.  So, always just give a shout out to your doctor to be sure it is safe.  If you work outside, or play sports, especially in extreme heat where you are sweating profusely, you may actually have to replace some Sodium.  While most of us consume too much, not having enough can be just as bad for the body.  It is always a balancing act.  Your healthcare provider should always be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Read labels to see how much Sodium is in the products you eat per serving, and then aim for foods with 150-200 mg per serving.  Then, of course, don’t add salt to it.  It will take a while for you to get used to not having salty foods, but once you do and then eat a salty meal you will be grossed out.

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