Guided Imagery for Better Sleep MP3 File

So, the MP3 voice file for my brand new Guided Imagery for Better Sleep, is now available for purchase.  You can purchase by either using the contact form below to message me with your interest, or you purchase it for sale here . This particular Guided Imagery does not require a free meet and greet.  You simply purchase and use.  You may not copy, reproduce or give the file to anyone else.  It is the property of Health Buddy Melissa.  I wrote the script, and I speak the script.  You must be 18 years or older to purchase any of my Guided Imagery files.  If you have or have had in the past any issues with Psychosis then this type of file is not for you.  A Guided Imagery session with a professional would make more sense in that situation.  If at any time while using the Guided Imagery you feel uncomfortable stop and don’t continue at that time.  Remember Guided Imagery is a tool.  It is not meant to replace standard medical care or to diagnose. The file is about 7 minutes long.  To learn more about Guided Imagery, or any of my other Health Coaching services, use the contact form to message me.