Merry Monday: Still Waiting on Dorian

We are still waiting to see what track Hurricane Dorian actually takes.  It looks like where we are will get rain, some wind, and may still lose power depending on the winds.  We have until Friday to stay on alert.  So, that means this storm will have taken up over a week of my time.  That is one of the downfalls of living in Florida.  This storm has already caused so much damage in the Bahamas, and it is still quite powerful.  I saw something on Facebook the other day, that made me giggle.  Someone posted a meme that said waiting on a hurricane is like being chased by a turtle.  Sometimes that is so true.

Since I had to cancel the Better Sleep group sessions, I will be updating that to be a monthly chronic illness support group.  It will still be goal oriented, but will also be a great way for people to get some support when dealing with a chronic illness.  I hope to have that start next week, but may have to wait until October.  I will have my new Guided Imagery mp3 file for Sleep, available for purchase by the end of the week.  This is my very first Guided Imagery, and it was my final exam for the class.  I will be creating others as well.

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