Extras for Health Buddy Melissa Plans

Before I start, I have some exciting news.  This fell into my lap quite unexpectedly.  About 2 weeks ago, I started taking classes on Integrative Therapies.  I moved off the first course, and the second course is on Guided Imagery.  For this class I have to create a Guided Imagery script, that will be a voice file.  This will coincide nicely with my September group class on Better Sleep.  All participants, at the end of the 4 week sessions will get to preview my Guided Imagery for Better Sleep for free!  If you are interested in signing up for the September group session, on Better Sleep, click here for details.  Tomorrow I will have all the plans, and prices on one page.  This will be the page that I advertise all my plans from.  The monthly group session plan, since it will have a new topic each month, will get a new page each month.  I may add more as I add more training, such as Guided Imagery sessions, as I mentioned above.

Now for the Extras that can be added on to any Health Buddy Plan, or purchased independently.

Medication Reminders:  Medication reminders require a free Meet and Greet to discuss your needs in this area.  This is either a text, or phone call reminder to take medications.  This is a monthly plan and is $50 dollars per month.  Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes in length.  You do not need to purchase one of the monthly plans to purchase this plan.

One on One Face to Face:  This extra is added to a plan that you already purchase.  It is not a stand alone plan, and must be purchased with another of the email plans.  Face to face is done via video chat on Facebook Messenger, or Skype.  The length of the face to face would be 10 minutes.  It would generally be right after your email sessions.  The price to add this to another plan is $50 dollars to add this extra.  This is already included in the monthly group session plan.  You do not need to buy it extra for the group session plan.

Text, or Call:  This is a 10 minute feature.  This is weekly, and you will purchase and renew weekly.  This is added on to one of the monthly, or three month plans.  The number of calls, or texts you get, will depend on the plan you purchase. It will generally be before your email sessions, or after.  You still have to follow my calendar of availability for me to be able to call or text you.  The group session plan does not apply to this.  The price for this extra is $10 dollars per week.

Just Text, Call, or Face to Face:  This plan is a stand alone plan, and is paid by each text, call or Face to Face.  All Face to Face is on video chat on Facebook Messenger or Skype.  These are still goal oriented, but less intensive,  and require a free Meet and Greet.  The price for this extra is 10 dollars per 15 minute text, 10 dollars for a 15 minute call, or 15 dollars per 15 minute video chat session.  These are for people who maybe don’t want to commit to a monthly plan but still have health goals they would like to meet.  You still have to make an appointment with me, and agree to terms.  This is not a spur of the moment plan.

Health Buddy Melissa Logo Items:  You can purchase items with my logo on it, such as, journals, notebooks, mugs, tees, etc.  If you are interested in any of those items visit my Redbubble shop, by clicking here.

Please always read my Updated Disclaimer, and ask all questions by using the contact form below.  This is a very exciting time for me, and I hope to be your Health and Wellness Coach.