Updated walking Buddy Plan

Updated 8/24/2021 Ok, so this is probably the hardest one to come up with, because this is an online Health Coaching business.  I don’t have a gym, or an office.  This Health Buddy Melissa option is the Walking Buddy Plan. 

  Please see the availability calendar below to see what days I am available for the Walking Buddy plan. I do work 2 days a week out of the home, but my schedule stays the same unless I sign up for more days. This is a one on one coaching plan, not a group plan. You can use the Paypal button below to purchase. I only accept US dollars. You must be at least 18 years old. Once I have been notified of your purchase, via Paypal, within 24 hours I will send you a welcome email with instructions for the Meet and Greet. The Meet and Greet is via email, and you will have a short new client intake form to fill out. It will give me vital information as to your walking and or exercise goals, and any medical conditions I should know about. You can ask questions and clarify the plan information you have chosen. All information is confidential through my paid business email at Google Suite. After the Meet and Greet you will have 24 hours to decide if you think I am a good fit to meet your needs. During that 24 hours if you decide I am not a good fit for you, your money will be reimbursed to you. You will need to sign an agreement of service form once you decide to work with me. All of this is done via email. You must be able to open rich text format, or other forms of documents. You may have to print it out, fill it in and then send it back to me. If you absolutely can not do that, you can answer all of the questions via email and sign in the email. I am new to this too, so we will need to be patient with each other. The business hours below are only for Live Walking options for you to pick your two 20 minute sessions from.

The walking plan is for people who may want or need someone to walk with them. This is a virtual walking session that is 20 minutes in length, two days a week, and the price is 80 dollars per month. At the end of the 30 days you can either renew the plan, or just not renew it. I will send you a Paypal invoice if you choose to renew. It is your responsibility to show up for you live walking session. I will wait 5 minutes past the start time and then I will go on to my other business. I will walk with you either outdoors or in your home via a walking video. You must have access to Youtube. I am not in the video, they are videos available on Youtube. We will chat via phone call. At this time I will not do video chats, but I may in the future. This enables you to have a walking buddy. Some people don’t like to walk alone for several reasons. Please be sure to see the available dates and times that I can Walk Live, below. Once a week I will send you an email to discuss your progress, any issues you may be having and if you want a more intensive coaching plan that would include food lifestyle modification, different dieting types, label reading, how to figure out and track your macros, etc. At no time will I promote diet pills, FAD diets, or any other unproven safe ways to lose weight. There are plenty of those available already. If by chance I get a lot of people signed up I will create a waiting list.

If you have Kidney Disease or any other Chronic Illness, or are new to exercising the Walking Buddy Plan is a great place to start your Journey to a more active lifestyle.

Please always read my Updated Disclaimer.

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