Health Buddy Group Session Plan: New Topic Each Month

I am proud to announce that I will be doing a monthly Health Buddy Live Group Chat, with a new topic each month.  These are limited, for now to 5 participants.  So, if you are interested make sure you sign up early.  The first one with the topic of Better Sleep, will start on Sept 4th, 2019.  It will be four sessions, all on consecutive Wednesdays at 1PM, Eastern Time.  If you live outside the Eastern Time Zone, you will be required to figure out what time it will be where you are at 1PM my time.  The first 3 months, will be at an introductory price of 50 dollars per participant.  I only accept Paypal at this time, in US Dollars.  You will need to have an email address for me to send the voice recording, or slide show to for you listening, or viewing.  You will also need to have Facebook Messenger installed on your computer, phone or other device.  You do not need a Facebook profile to use Messenger.  This is where we will do the live chat part of the group.  Each chat session will be 45 min in length.  You can either chat via texting in real time, or video chat.  This will be a goal oriented topic, with goal setting, and re-assessing.  Tips, and tricks that work, etc.  Read full rules below all of them, and understand them.

1-  Once you decide you wish to join the monthly group topic chat, use the contact form below to message me.  I will then send you my verified Paypal address with an invoice for 50 USD.  Once your 50 dollars has been received, I will mark you as joined in the session.  Please be sure you want to participate.  I will not issue refunds once the link to the voice or slideshow has been sent.  The audio or slideshow, will be emailed to all paid participants 48 hours prior to the first session.  After the introductory 3 months are up, so December of 2019, the price for group sessions will be 75 dollars, instead of 50.

2-  If you miss the live session, there is no makeups, and no refunds will be issued.  It is your responsibility to be on time, and present.

3-  Live session will start promptly at 1 PM.  Once payment has been received, and you are marked as joined, I will request your Facebook Messenger user info, to send you a request.  That way everyone will be ready to go.  Again, it is your responsibility to provide the info, and then answer the request when you receive it.

4-  Live session will end promptly at 1 45 PM.  There are 4 live sessions to each topic, every Wednesday for any given month.  If I have to change the date and time advanced notice will be given.  I do live in a hurricane prone state, so power outages are possible.  I can usually find a spot to use the public wifi to send out messages.  If I have to cancel, all monies will be refunded.

5-  Please listen to the audio recording, or watch the slideshow I provide to you, 2 days before the first live session.  This will give you some things to think about, questions to ask, and goals to set to improve your habit for the topic that month.  Please be prepared to interact with the other participants.

6-  Each month will be a new topic.  If you decide after the 4 weeks, that you would like more help, you can contact me about one on one sessions.  I have several different options for one on one sessions.

7-  Always remember, I am a Health Coach.  Anything we discuss in the group is not medical advice, and should never be taken as such.  You can use the info provided to do your own research, or discuss with your healthcare provider.

8-  I will make available the topic for  the following month, on the second week of the previous month.  Sept is a little longer, as I want extra time to prepare and promote.  If you know someone who needs help getting better sleep, please refer them here, so they can decide if they wish to participate.

So, to recap the first live group session will start on Sept 4, 2019, Better Sleep.  There will be 4 live classes, on consecutive Wednesdays at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time.  So, the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.  I hope to see you there, and look forward to meeting you, and helping you achieve your goals of Better Sleep.


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