Iron Deficient Anemia and CKD

The 3rd type of Anemia, that people with CKD can experience, is called Iron Deficient Anemia.  You can read about the other two kinds in the archives, if  you want.  Now not just people with kidney disease get Iron Deficient Anemia, but it is common in people with kidney disease.  Why?

1-  Impaired absorption of dietary Iron.  Talk with your doctor, or dietitian, because unless contraindicated, it is my understanding that iron rich foods should be consumed with Vitamin C rich foods.  So, for example, have strawberries with your hamburger.

2-  If you are taking EPO, due to another kind of Anemia, you may have Iron Deficient Anemia as well.

3-  Chronic Inflammation can lead to Iron Deficient Anemia.  How do you know if you have Chronic Inflammation, common symptoms are GERD, muscle aches, not being able to sleep.

4-  Remember that when CKD progresses, or kidneys lose function, the chance of getting any Anemia goes up.  Make sure you see your Nephrologist as much as they request.  I see mine every 6 months.  I could probably switch to once a year, but I like to stay on top of it.  Anemia can sneak up on you, with vague symptoms like being tired a lot, pale skin, being cold.   These symptoms could mean a lot of other things too, but if you have kidney disease you should be monitored for Anemia.  Untreated Anemia can cause chest pain due to decreased oxygen to the heart, which of course can lead to a heart attack.

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I have been posting a lot about kidney disease, so for the next few weeks I am going to mix it up, and talk about Stress and how it effects the body, and how to manage it.

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