July Schedule

Well it has been 6 months since I started this blog.  The past couple of months I did not post a schedule for meet and greets, and to take clients, as my out of home job has been messing with my schedule.  But, not it is finally back on track, and I can post a schedule for meet and greets.  If you would like to work with me to meet your health goals, and make improvements in your life, read the Disclaimer first, and then fill out the contact form below to message me.  You will see the dates and times that I am available for meet and greet, and or schedule meetings for goal setting and follow up encouragement.  Remember I will be helping you as a coach, to aid you in meeting the goals you set for yourself.  I am not giving medical advice.  Allow 24 to 48 hours after sending comm form for a reply, often will be sooner.

I have some exciting things in the works.  I am hoping to do a Walking Instructor Cert, which will allow me to teach Fitness Walking.  There is one also for the elderly that I am looking at.  Plus, I am going to do the Kidney Coach class.  This will enhance my skills to further help those who need it.


July 1-  full

July 2-  full

July 3-  open 9 AM to 5 PM

July 4-  Holiday no hours available

July 5-  open 9 AM to 5 PM

July 6-  Full

July 7-  full

July 8-  Open 6-10 PM

July 9-  Open 9AM to 5 PM

July 10-  Open 9 AM to 5 PM

July 11-  Open 9 AM to 5 PM

July 12-  Full

July 13-  Closed

July 14-  Closed

July 15-  Noon to 8 PM

July 16-  Full

July 17-  9 AM to 5 PM open

July 18-  Full

July 19-  possibly open unsure

July 20-  Full

July 21-  Full

July 22-  Noon to 8 PM open

July 23-  9 AM to 5 PM

July 24-  9 Am to 5 PM open

July 25-  9 AM to 5 PM open

July 26-  full

July 27-  Open Noon to 4

July 28-  Open Noon to 4

July 29:  Open Noon to 8

July 30-  Full

July 31-  Open 9 AM to 5 PM