Sweating on Sunday: Full Body Stretching

OK, I am going to straight up admit it, I do not enjoy stretching.  It is slow, and boring.  However, right up there with using light weights to strength train, stretching at least once a week, is super important.  You should technically stretch, at least the muscles you worked, after every workout, for a few minutes.  This helps keep lactic acid from building up, which can cause your muscle soreness the next day to be much worse.  But, a full body stretch, helps strengthen, relax, and elongate the muscles.  If you find one with music, and the personality has a nice voice, you will be all set.  I chose the one below, because it is the one that I personally use.  It is easy, no stress on the joints, and great if you already have an injury that needs stretching to heal.  Follow her tips, and don’t push past where you should.  The object is not to be Gumby, but to slowly increase strength, and flexibility.  Have fun, and let me know if you tried it, and what you think.

If you would like to meet your stretching, and flexibility goals, use the contact form below to message me.


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