Adopt A Pet For Health And Wellness!

Updated 5/2/2022 Are you sad, bored, or lonely?  On this Mindful Monday Morning be aware if you are sad, bored, lonely, anxious, scared, etc.

Adopting a pet is a great way to occupy your time, and give love to another creature.  Dogs are great companions.  I love my dogs!  We also have a cat and used to have a rabbit.  He lived to be 13 before he passed away.  I have to say the rabbit was the easiest pet we have ever owned, and the cat is pretty easy too.  Dogs are my favorite but are a little more work.  If where you live won’t let you have pets, maybe a turtle, or hamster even would bring you a sense of well-being. A dog, especially, will need exercise which may help you to start a walking routine. Some dogs are great for hiking and running as well. Studies show that just petting a dog can decrease your blood pressure and bring a sense of calm and peace. Plus, it is great for the dog too. Training your new puppy, or dog is a great way to boost your confidence and learn some new skills, and it is great for the dog as well. There are so many abandoned, surrendered, unloved stray animals in this world that need loving homes. What a wonderful cause to take up, adopting a pet into your loving home. A lot of dogs, and cats, perfectly fine and healthy animals, are euthanized every year in the USA due to communities with no budget for a shelter to take care of these unwanted animals, and find them loving homes. Reach out to your local shelter, or rescue, and see if maybe you will find your new best friend today. Do some research before you adopt, to be sure you can handle the pet of your choice, both physically, and financially.  The rabbit was probably the most affordable of all our pets. 

If you can not adopt at all, maybe you could foster, or volunteer at your local rescue or shelter.  When I first wrote this post, we would volunteer with the local Humane Society, and we loved it, though we don’t get to go as much as we would like. Since that time we have begun volunteering for a local rescue, and we go every week.  If you can not foster, adopt, or volunteer, maybe you can donate to your local shelter or rescue. It costs a lot of money to save unwanted animals. and most of them are funded solely on donations. Even 5 dollars could help save a dog or cat.

The picture below is my beloved Boo Boo.  She is no longer with us, but she was the best dog in the whole world.  Dogs have their own unique personalities, and while I have 2 more, hers was gentle and kind.



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