May Calendar, New Feature, Updated Price List

Almost May already.  Can you believe it?  May is historically a very busy month for me.  I have a child birthday, and 3 of her friends have birthdays, plus Mother’s Day.  Throw in a few graduations, and maybe a wedding, and yep it is busy.  I have updated the price list, adding the new features, Medication Reminders, and the Chat With a Goal feature.  The chat can be done on Facebook Messenger, or over text if the customer prefers.  The new chat feature is 15 min in length, and you must be willing to set, and work toward a goal.  All of my plans are payable with Paypal only, at this time, and payed in advance.  If you are outside the US, you must speak, and understand English, times are Eastern Time Zones, and I won’t accept EU.  Sorry, I have to learn all their rules.  Remember I am an Independent Contractor Health Coach.  I deduct all taxes myself.  Please always read the disclaimer, and use the contact form below, to message me.  Below you will see the dates I am available, and my hours are 9 AM to 5PM, unless other arrangements are made.  I do offer some weekend hours.  If you are looking to have Medication Reminders, the schedule will be amended for that option.    Also remember, I only work with 4 clients at a time.

May 1-  Open

May 2-  Open

May 3-  Open

May 4-  Open

May 5-  Closed

May 6-  Full

May 7-  Open

May 8-  Open

May 9-  Closed

May 10-  Full

May 11-  Full

May 12-  Closed

May 13-  Open

May 14-  Full

May 15-  Open

May 16-  Open

May 17-  Open

May 18-  Full

May 19-  Full

May 20-  Open

May 21-  Open

May 22-  Open

May 23-  Full

May 24-  Full

May 25-  Open

May 26-  Full

May 27-  Closed

May 28-  Closed

May 29-  Open

May 30-  Open

May 31-  Open

Available Packages Price List:


Meet and Greet w/Assessment 1 free 0
Health Buddy Basic- 30 days $75
Health Buddy Moderate- 90 days
Just Chat With A Goal- 15 min
Walking Buddy- 30 days
Medication Reminders- per month



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