Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week

Welcome back to the memory care word challenge.  It should be getting tough by now, but not too tough.  If you are reviewing your words each week then you should be able to retain them, or at least parts of them.  Are you testing yourself to see how much you are remembering?

This week’s word is churlish.  Remember look up the definition, then write the word, and the definition in your journal ten times.  Then read it out loud ten times.  Use it in a sentence, and try to come up with some synonyms for the word.  For some people writing and reading it out loud at the same time also helps.  Go back over all the previous words, and see what you remember.  Write them again if you need to.  Whatever it takes to cement them in your head.  If you like to associate words with pictures draw a picture to go with the word.  I think that is an exceptional way to learn new words.  Or, write a short paragraph story.  This list of words will be incorporated into my homeschool daughter’s curriculum next year.  All of these things I am telling you will help her to learn them as well.  I like the picture and paragraph story idea.

Happy Memory Monday!  Use the contact form below to send me a message, or leave me a comment.